Wii Fit…Yay or Nay?

December 9, 2007 by

You all remember a while ago at the E3 conference, right? We were all worked up about the given release dates for Brawl, and Galaxy…then something arose that popped a big “Huh?” across the faces of many.

 Wii Fit.

 The game that comes with a balance board, and as the title suggests, is a bit of a work-out program, if you will.

It’s out in Japan already, and is coming to America early next year, but the question is, how’s it doing?

According to the people of Japan, it’s doing quite well. Good ratings, reviews, etc. Maybe Wii Fit has a little more to offer than Nintendo let on…?

Either way, this is definately a unique game, and one that I am still wishy-washy on whether or not I’ll be picking it up.

A Phoenix Wright…book? OBJECTION!

December 8, 2007 by


 As strange as this may sound, a Phoenix Wright novel is headed to America soon. Now, I’m a huge Phoenix Wright fan, and will probably pick this up, but I must say…it’s sorta random.

Japan has a Phoenix Wright manga series, which I hoped would come to America some day, and now…well, apparently we have this.

 Not much is really known about it, other than the fact that it’s 400+ pages.

 Personally, I’m not sure if a novel will be able to capture what made us fall in love with the series…and I don’t know how they’re even going to make it work…but, I suppose I’ll just have to buy it and see, right?

 So, feel free to speak your mind on the subject here. Will you be picking this up?

Street Fighter for Wii?

December 7, 2007 by

We all remember the astonishing series, “Street Fighter”, right? Whether you remember it’s old, past titles, or the more recent ones…Well, if you haven’t, it’s a series I HIGHLY recommend you all check it out.

Well, it appears that this great franchise is at it again. Capcom recently discussed Street Fighter IV, telling a few minor details, but nothing too big. The following are still all subject to change:


? 2D/3D fighting environments
? Classic Street Fighter characters re-imagined for a new generation of gamers
? New special moves that go beyond any Street Fighter fan’s wildest imagination
? Amazing locations never seen before in a Street Fighter game
? New game-play elements provide new challenges for both newcomers and the most seasoned Street Fighter pro.”

Which system(s) it will be for though, has yet to be spoken of. We can all only hope that it’ll hit the Nintendo Wii. Think about it, I think it could be pulled off pretty well. I would just hope they could have the game on the Wii, without it turning out like DragonBall Z Budakai Tenkaichi 2…don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed that game, but it constantly had me swinging my arms around in awkward motions and things. But, even if it was, I would still love seeing Street Fighter on Wii…maybe even with some sort of online capability…hmm…

So, I’ll keep you all updated as best I can, but lets all cross our fingers for Street Fighter on Wii!

Now That’s The Holiday Spirit

December 5, 2007 by

Tons of kids have the Wii on their Christmas/Hanukkah/birthday/etc. list this winter. And a lot of kids won’t end up getting one, sadly. Even sadder, the chance of a kid in foster care of getting one is none. Well, thanks to Brandyn Waterford, a 9-year-old from California, one underprivileged foster kid will be getting one this year.

Brandyn’s mom waited in line for hours to get one for his birthday. But, when Brandyn heard about the local toy drive for foster kids, he chose to donate his unopened birthday present to the toy drive.

Kudos to Brandyn for doing something a lot of people, kid or adult, would never even think of doing.


Wii Zapper Explained

December 4, 2007 by

Nintendo recently sent out an e-mail to all My Nintendo members, explaining what exactly the Wii Zapper is. In case you don’t get Nintendo’s e-mails, here’s the lowdown on what they revealed:

“The Wii Zapper unites your Wii Remote and Nunchuk to create an experience like no other. Steer your character’s movement using the Control Stick on your Nunchuk as you zap your way to victory with your Wii Remote.” For even more info on the Wii Zapper, check out the official site.

Nintendo Wii Zapper Picture

For even more info on the Wii Zapper, along with our thoughts on it, check out this post.

Virtual Console Releases Leaked!

December 2, 2007 by

Yup, you heard it here first! The three games to be released tomorrow morning are: Zanac (NES), Eternal Champions (Genesis) and The Dynastic Hero (TG-16).

Zanac is a space shooter, that will cost 500 Wii Points.

Eternal Champion is a below-average fighter, with pretty bad graphics, it looks like. It will sell for 800 Wii Points.

The Dynastic Hero is a quirky platformer that will sell for 800 Wii Points as well. See the screenshot of The Dynastic Hero below.

The Dynastic Hero TurboGrafix-16 Hudson Wii Nintendo Virtual Console

Wii Fit Mini Preview, Trailer, Pics

December 1, 2007 by

Wii Fit is to be released in North America sometime in 2008 (presumably earlier rather than later, but there’s no way to know). Here’s excerpts from a preview along with an official trailer and screenshots for Wii Fit.

Nintendo’s goal with [the] Wii is to attract [as] wide [of a] range of people to [play] Wii by using the system’s unique features, such as the motion control. Many of Nintendo’s games released for Wii have thus [far] seemed to incorporate motion control, and gamers seem to love it! Rather [than] swinging the Wii Remote to hit a tennis ball or pointing and clicking the Wii Remote to choose a correct answer, [players will use the new Wii Balance Board to play Wii Fit.“-Snoopdogga (full preview)

Nintnedo Wii Fit Balance Board

Playing a push-up game in Wii Fit.


Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board

Trying to balance perfectly in Wii Fit.

Online Game Review #1: Slipstream

November 29, 2007 by

Obviously, there are tons of awesome games for Wii. Ranging from Zelda to Zapper, Mario to Metroid, it seems as if the Wii has it all. Surprisingly, though, not much attention has been given to the games for Wii that are completely free, that can be accessed by anyone who is able to go online with their Wii. A handful of websites have been created in the past year dedicated to hosting Wii-friendly flash games. So, Get N or Get Out will be reviewing some of these free online games for Wii. In our first edition of Online Game Reviews, I’ll be reviewing a game by the name of Slipstream.

Slipstream Wii online game

The concept of the game is to move the little blue circle (or whatever color it may be in multiplayer) around the level’s obstacles to reach the glowing circle, which takes you to the next level. Obstacles include spinning gears (see screenshot above), walls that shoot out, and more. To control the circle, you just use the D-pad on your Wiimote (or arrow keys on the computer).

The game is pretty short – it takes roughly 5 minutes to play through, but it’s fun if you have some downtime. I recommend that you at least give it a shot.

To play Slipstream on your Wii, go to wiicade.com on your Wii internet browser, and search (in the top right corner) for “Slipstream”. If you’d rather play Slipstream on your computer, click here.

DragonBall Z Budoaki Tenkaichi 3 – 1 Week to Release

November 27, 2007 by

DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is to be released for the Wii next week. DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 was released on launch day last year, Dragon Ball Z Tenakichi 3 Gokuto pretty good reviews, thanks in part to the nifty controls. The same controls (for the most part) will be in DBZ Tenkaichi 3, but there’s a huge addition to Tenkaichi 3, other than just a few more characters: online play. Any DragonBall Z fan should be very excited about this – it’s the first online DBZ fighting game, ever.

Everybody’s Nintendo Channel Released (Japan Only)

November 27, 2007 by

To be honest, I haven’t really found any of the non-original channels all that useful. I went on the Check Mii Out channel once, to discover how boring it was. I’ve voted maybe twice on the Everybody Votes channel, since that’s not nearly as fun as playing an actual game. But, the Everybody’s Nintendo channel was just released in Japan, and it actually looks useful.

Unlike other channels, the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel is not made to look like it will be tons of fun, worth hours of your time. But this new Wii channel is quite interesting. It shows different stats about each and every Wii game that you’ve played. But, that’s just the beginning.

Everybody's Nintendo Channel Wii

You can finally download DS games from your Wii, using the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel! All 7 downloadable games in Japan are Brain Age-type games, but more downloadable games and demos are supposed to be released each week. There are also demos and videos available for Wii games on the channel.

For the official page (in Japanese) about the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel, go here.

Everybody's Nintendo Channel Wii 2