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Zack & Wiki – A New Way To Play

October 30, 2007

After watching a gameplay video of this game, it’s obvious that this game is special. No other Wii game has been able to utilize the Wiimote as well as Zack & Wiki, and considering that games such as Wii Sports and Twilight Princess used the Wiimote well, this is saying quite a bit. You twist the Wiimote to use a key to open a door, shake it to transform a nearby creature into something useful (like a snake into a grabber), and many other odd actions to solve puzzles throughout the game.

Z&W was released exactly a week ago to rave reviews; 9’s from IGN, Nintendo Power and 1Up. But it isn’t uncommon for games to be released to great reviews and then become only mildly popular to a small group of gamers… but this was not the case with Z&W, which made the Top 15 selling games list for its first week on store shelves.

Not to mention – the game’s only $40… so you’re getting a fresh gaming experience for 2/3 the price of a normal 360 or PS3 game. I think I’ll have to go pick this one up myself.


Virtual Console Download Center

October 30, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple days… it’s not like I haven’t been doing nothing, though. 😉 Get N or Get out will now have a bunch of info on each week’s Virtual Console releases every Monday. Bulerias, who writes his “Virtual Console Download Center” each week, which is basically an overview of the released games, has agreed to have his VCDC’s posted at Get N or Get Out. So, here is this week’s VCDC (a day late, sorry), and each week they will be up on Monday for you. Enjoy.

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
System: NES / Developer: Konami / Points: 500
“If you prefer the original Castlevania and its more orthodox sequels, and wouldn’t want anything changed, then you might as well forget this game exists. However, for those of us that prefer the Metroidvania titles, such as Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.”
-RPG influence adds a lot to the game for some players
-Tedious day / night system

Magician Lord
System: NeoGeo / Developer: Alpha Denshi / Points: 900
-Good soundtrack
-Side-scroller with Ninja Gaiden elements
-Not very unique gameplay

Samurai Ghost
System: TG-16 / Developer: Namco / Points: 600
-Graphics and animation are horrible
-This game is not worth a dime, let alone 600 points
-Soundtrack consists of 4 songs – which repeat over and over as long as you don’t turn the game off (which will probably be about 5 minutes)

 For more VC info, head on over to the Virtual Console Hub.

Mario Galaxy Videos – New Power-ups

October 27, 2007

Not much news on the weekend, so here are a couple Super Mario Galaxy videos for you to enjoy. The first video is of Spring Mario, and the second video is of Mario in his Honey Bee suit.

SMG will be released on Nov. 12th in North America, the 16th in Europe, and the 1st in Japan.

Get Your Galaxy Coin

October 26, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy comes out on November 12th in North America, and if you preorder the game you could come home with a cool collectible SMG coin. Just head on over to one of a bunch of particiapting retailers, put $5 down, and get your coin, and have the game reserved, obviously. Participating retailers include Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop and Toys R Us, among many others. Don’t miss out on getting your coin.

SMG Coin

Weekly Poll #1

October 25, 2007

As a new feature to Get N or Get Out, there will be a weekly poll created each week for you. Topics will vary each week, depending on what’s happening in the world of video games and Nintendo. Feel free to e-mail us or leave a comment with any suggestions you may have for polls.

This week’s question is: Which holiday season Wii game are you looking forward to most?

The choices are:

To vote, go here.

New Writer!

October 24, 2007

Get N or Get Out now has a new writer – Gengar!  He’ll be posting news and articles along with myself, so there will be even more content on the blog for you!

Brawl Might Not Be So “Smashing”

October 24, 2007

Super Smash Bros. Melee for Cube was a great game. You can’t deny it. But I’m becoming worried that Brawl might not live up to its SSB predecessors, and be a flop.

Why, you ask?

For one, I don’t think there are enough new aspects to the game. Yeah, there are a couple new characters, new items, assist trophies, etc. – but when you watched a gameplay video, was there that much of a difference from Melee?

Sonic is giving thumbs up, but will the gamers?

And, of course, there’s online play… but so far, Nintendo hasn’t released a game with online play where the online play was that great. Look at Strikers’ online play – it added replay value to an otherwise average game, but disconnects are quite common (unlike on XBox Live), and you need to use friend codes to play with friends – not to mention the lack of any detailed stats/rankings and any communication with other players at all.

And instead of receiving the boost any game gets by being released during the holiday season, Brawl will be coming out in February…

Yes, Brawl will sell well (because of its name), but I’m worried that the game will not be nearly as fun as the first two SSBs.

Thinking Outside the Village

October 24, 2007

Surprisingly, there’s been very little news concerning Animal Crossing for the Wii lately. Zelda was a launch title for Wii, Metroid is already out, and Mario is just a couple weeks away. But where’s AC?

Well, it takes quite a bit of time to transform a village into a city… well, maybe not a city, but AC Wii will not provide the same village experience that AC on Cube and DS did… because Animal Crossing for Wii will be the first MMO title for Wii. Not much info has been released, but it seems that AC Wii will go where no other game has gone before – the possibilities are endless. Let’s just hope friend codes aren’t part of Nintendo’s plan for the game.


Source: Next-Gen

Smash News

October 11, 2007

Just in case you haven’t heard, some big news concerning Super Smash Bros. Brawl has recently been announced.  For one, Sonic (yes, Sonic THE Hedgehog) will be appearing in the game as a playable character.  Also, the game will NOT be out in time for the holiday season – it’s release date is now February 10th, 2008.

Also, remember that Get N or Get Out will be officially re-opening in just under 2 weeks!