Everybody’s Nintendo Channel Released (Japan Only)


To be honest, I haven’t really found any of the non-original channels all that useful. I went on the Check Mii Out channel once, to discover how boring it was. I’ve voted maybe twice on the Everybody Votes channel, since that’s not nearly as fun as playing an actual game. But, the Everybody’s Nintendo channel was just released in Japan, and it actually looks useful.

Unlike other channels, the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel is not made to look like it will be tons of fun, worth hours of your time. But this new Wii channel is quite interesting. It shows different stats about each and every Wii game that you’ve played. But, that’s just the beginning.

Everybody's Nintendo Channel Wii

You can finally download DS games from your Wii, using the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel! All 7 downloadable games in Japan are Brain Age-type games, but more downloadable games and demos are supposed to be released each week. There are also demos and videos available for Wii games on the channel.

For the official page (in Japanese) about the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel, go here.

Everybody's Nintendo Channel Wii 2


7 Responses to “Everybody’s Nintendo Channel Released (Japan Only)”

  1. kyle Says:

    when will this channel come out in U.S.A?

  2. kyle Says:

    or will this channel come out for U.S.A at all?

  3. DarthGohan1 Says:

    There’s no official word to answer either of your questions. Personally, I think it will come out, since there have been rumors about these features in the past, and it would just be dumb for Nintendo not to release it worldwide. When news is released about when the channel will arrive in the U.S., it’ll be posted here, so be sure to check back!

  4. Randoman Says:

    I think that it will come out in the U.S. because there would be no other reason for it not to come out and the features have been rumored, I think if any time this year it will come out during the summer if not then E3 2008 will tell us, also in E3 2007 they said that more channels will be coming out in 2008 but thats just my point of view

  5. Randoman Says:

    And ign told me so

  6. Dj Airlover Says:

    waneer in belgie?

  7. Dj Airlover Says:

    when it comes out in belgium

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