A Phoenix Wright…book? OBJECTION!



 As strange as this may sound, a Phoenix Wright novel is headed to America soon. Now, I’m a huge Phoenix Wright fan, and will probably pick this up, but I must say…it’s sorta random.

Japan has a Phoenix Wright manga series, which I hoped would come to America some day, and now…well, apparently we have this.

 Not much is really known about it, other than the fact that it’s 400+ pages.

 Personally, I’m not sure if a novel will be able to capture what made us fall in love with the series…and I don’t know how they’re even going to make it work…but, I suppose I’ll just have to buy it and see, right?

 So, feel free to speak your mind on the subject here. Will you be picking this up?


5 Responses to “A Phoenix Wright…book? OBJECTION!”

  1. Mak Says:

    It sucks that its going to take so long to get out. It comes out in August. Hopefully if fleshes out the time between the 3rd and 4th games.

  2. Julien Says:

    Where did you hear that??? I’m buying it for sure!

  3. Linktolegend Says:

    You have it wrong, it IS the manga that’s coming in August of this year. 😉

  4. MeMosh Says:

    Mhh, i dont find it random in any way, sometimes when im playing PW i feel like im reading a detectives novel or something like sherlock wolmes

  5. Random person Says:

    Hmm… I wonder what it’s called… maybe… “OBJECTION!”?

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