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Now That’s The Holiday Spirit

December 5, 2007

Tons of kids have the Wii on their Christmas/Hanukkah/birthday/etc. list this winter. And a lot of kids won’t end up getting one, sadly. Even sadder, the chance of a kid in foster care of getting one is none. Well, thanks to Brandyn Waterford, a 9-year-old from California, one underprivileged foster kid will be getting one this year.

Brandyn’s mom waited in line for hours to get one for his birthday. But, when Brandyn heard about the local toy drive for foster kids, he chose to donate his unopened birthday present to the toy drive.

Kudos to Brandyn for doing something a lot of people, kid or adult, would never even think of doing.



Black Friday Sales (Updated)

November 20, 2007

More Black Friday sales for Nintendo products have been leaked onto the internet since our last update. To see the original update, listing Target’s and Best Buy’s Wii and DS sales on Black Friday, click here.

Toys ‘R Us
Meteos Disney Magic – DS game ($10)
**All Gamecube games – 50% off**
Assorted Disney games – DS ($10)
Other select DS games – ($10)
**No specific games have been announced, but there will be Wii games for $15!**

Circuit City
Red Steel – Wii game ($10)
DS Bundles – $140 (either Legend of Zelda or Nintendogs)
Happy Feet – Wii game ($10)
Free $10 gift card with purchase of Mario Strikers Charged – Wii game
Cooking Mama or Cake Mania – DS games ($10)

Wii Remote Charger ($10)
**Buy 2 used games, get 1 free (should be for all systems including Wii & DS, but no guarantee)
Rockstar Table Tennis – Wii game ($30)

Super Mario Galaxy Wii game

Super Mario Galaxy for only $35!

Toys ‘R Us has the most DS game sales, by far. Although the games may not be of the best quality, the number of DS games for $10 at Toys ‘R Us is crazy.The biggest sale is probably $15 off Super Mario Galaxy at Circuit City. Super Mario Galaxy just came out, and is selling unbelievably well – discounting it so much means Circuit City really wants you in their store, it would be assumed.GameStop seems to think that games for Wii will just sell themselves, without any major sales or promotions. They’re probably right, but that $35 Galaxy deal is pretty tempting.

All sales info courtesy of Black Friday Ads.

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Pimp My… Dolphin?!?!?

November 19, 2007

Over at GameStop’s site, someone made a pretty funny mistake – for the upcoming Pimp My Ride game for Wii, a picture of the Dreamcast game Ecco the Dolphin was put where Pimp My Ride’s boxart belongs. I guess Ecco is putting Xzibit out of his job.

Ecco the Dolphin - Pimp My Ride

Fake Wii Shortages, Free Wii Games, Win a Wii Contest

November 15, 2007

Just a week ago, Circuit City was found to be cheating their customers out of the free copy of Call of Duty 3 as part of an advertised deal. So, you’d think the big retailers would figure out that cheating the customer is not the right way to go. Well, Best Buy obviously didn’t learn quick enough.

John (a reader of the site his name is linked to) witnessed Best Buy employees selling the last Wii in their store last Saturday – twice! One of the salespeople was holding a Wii, walking around the store claiming that it was their last one. It took just minutes to sell. Just under an hour later, another salesperson did the same exact thing. Although this isn’t illegal, there’s a good chance someone in that store left after an employee announced that the last one was sold… possibly going home to their kids without the Wii they had hoped to get. This is dirty on Best Buy’s part.

But, Toys R Us seems to prefer giving away a lot rather than a little… giving away for free, that is. There has been no official word on Toys R Us’ part, but rumors are going around that from November 18th to 21st, all Wii games will be “Buy 2, Get 1 Free”. This is an amazing deal – 3 games for $100, or less.

Also, if you are undecided whether you want a Wii or not, but wouldn’t mind getting a free one, your lucky day might be here soon. During Thanksgiving weekend (the 22nd to 25th), Comedy Central will be airing a code every hour (48 hours over the 4 day period), in which a Wii (along with other stuff) will be given away every hour.

Buyers Beware – Circuit City

November 7, 2007

If you were planning on picking up your new copy of Call of Duty 4 (for PS3 or XBox 360) at Circuit City and expecting to get Call of Duty 3 for free (as advertised quite clearly in their weekly flyer and on their website), you may be out of luck. People across the U.S. arrived to pick up Call of Duty 4 today, and were told by store employees that the deal was a misprint, and refused to give out the free copies of Call of Duty 3. This is false advertising, which is illegal.


If this happened to you, or ever does, do not let the store avoid giving you what they said they would in the advertisement (in this case, Call of Duty 3). If they do, you should refuse to buy the game (Call of Duty 4, for example) at that retailer, and buy it somewhere else if you want the game. Be sure to tell them that what they are doing is illegal, and if they don’t give you what they promised, report them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). It may take a couple minutes to fill out the form, but it is worth it, since the store wasted your time and lied to you.

This may be a one-time happening, but chances are it will happen again. So, next week when you go to pick up Super Mario Galaxy, or in the future when you go to buy whatever game it may be, do not give in to store managers / employees if they are contradicting a promise the store already made to you.

A “Galaxy-Wide” Effect?

November 3, 2007

We all knew that Halo 3 was going to sell amazingly well, even if it received slightly lower scores than previous games in the series. And it did (over 5 and a half million copies sold in just over a month). But Microsoft was not that worried if the game would sell; they were probably more concerned about Halo 3 providing a boost to XBox 360 sales during the holiday season, to help the 360 reclaim the lead from Wii in terms of console sales. And, for the first 2 weeks after Halo 3’s release, the 360 did sell more than the Wii did (since the Wii’s release, the 360 has only outsold it in a given week one time, and that was over 10 months ago).

But, quite surprisingly to many, although Halo 3 continues to sell amazingly well, 360 sales have declined back to their normal levels (The last 3 weeks of October, over a quarter of a million more Wiis were sold than 360s, compared to the 2 prior weeks, in which about 70,00 more 360s were sold than Wiis).

So with Microsoft’s trump card played, and Nintendo reclaiming the weekly sales, what will happen when Super Mario Galaxy, sure to be Nintendo’s most popular game released this year, is released? Gamepro gave Galaxy a 5 out of 5, and said that the game “lives up to the stratospherically high bar that we have set for the series,” and 1Up gave it a 9.5/10 and says that Galaxy “expands on [how a platformer should work] in new and intriguing ways.” There is no doubt that Galaxy will be fantastic.


Looks like Galaxy will leave 360 on a whole other planet.

But the guys over in Nintendo’s marketing department could care less how much fun the game is, as long as it sells well. And not only sells itself, but also more Wii systems. We’ll have to wait a couple weeks to see how many Wiis Galaxy can sell, but the stars seem to foreshadow Galaxy having a heckuva lot more effect than Halo 3 did. It looks like Nintend is going to do something else no one thought they would do – release a game within months of Halo 3 to a larger audience.

A True Wii Workout

August 30, 2007

You know when you see one of those commercials for some sort of diet pill or meal plan or gym or something and they show the before and after pictures, and people talk about how the product/service was a miracle for them, and how nothing else worked… and you laugh, or change the channel.  Well, maybe she’s lying, but Jessica Alba claims that her Wii workouts help keep her in tip-top shape.

This is just a rumor, but for all I know it could be true… I have no way to prove it being true or false… so believe what you want. 

New Games for Under $50?

August 26, 2007

On Friday, Kotaku posted an article about how Nintendo has no plans to discount games in the near future, creating a “Player’s Choice”-type line of games, which would sell for $20-$30, most likely. I’d love to have big name titles sell for half price, as they did on Gamecube (as well as the Wii’s competition), but in all fairness, there is no reason for discounted games just yet. Here’s why I’m not mad about all the 1st-party Nintendo games being $50, and why you shouldn’t be mad either:

*Remember, they are only $50, not $60 like new games on 360 or PS3.

*Wii has been out about 9 months; I never expected a Gamecube game to become Player’s Choice until a year after it was released… and with the Wii and its games selling so well, I’d say a year and a half is fair. So, if Twilight Princess and Excite Truck don’t get discounted next summer, then I’d be mad.


*There are 3rd party games selling for $20-$30 right now, and not all of the games are bad. Super Monkey Ball and SSX Blur are only $30 at Target, Best Buy has 4 games for $20 (including DBZ: Tenkaichi 2), and for more mature gamers, there’s always Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition for $30.

*Games are $5-$10 on the Virtual Console; although they aren’t “new” games, there are quite a few classics that can provide more hours of fun gameplay than a lot of the $50 and $60 games for Wii, 360 or PS3.

So, yeah, you might have to dish out a bit more than you’d like for Wii games right now… but there are alternatives, whether that be waiting until the holidays and using gift cards, or having friends over and playing Wii Sports for all its worth.

Wii Want to Play?

August 24, 2007

We sure do want to play, but that is one of the most pathetic slogans ever. Almost as pathetic as the commercials for Wii games. Remember back in the good old days when games had commercials that were actually cool? My favorite was probably the Super Smash Bros. one… classic for the ages.

Anyways, it’s come to a point where there are kids making better commercials than the ones Nintendo are airing on TV, and posting them on Youtube for fun.

Suffer through the official commercial:

And now watch this one made by a couple kids (one who badly needs haircut, all four needing some new clothes, but that’s besides my point):

The camera work is no the best, but to me, the idea behind the fake commercial is much better, and a lot more interesting that the official commercial.

Happy Birthday KK!

August 23, 2007

Two updates in one day for Brawl… but why?

Well, Yoshi’s final smash was the regular update, and then to celebrate Kazumi Totaka’s birthday, the inclusion of Go K.K. Rider was also revealed. I’m happy to see one of my favorite K.K. Slider tunes make it into Brawl, but you’re probably wondering who Kazumi Totaka is, exactly… and why he is so important to deserve a special update just for him. Well, for a brief history of Totaka’s mysterious legacy, watch this video:

Also, the last statement of the update for Brawl today said, “Heroes always arrive late.” No one can truly be sure what this means, but I’m guessing it means we’ll either be seeing an Animal Crossing playable character or that K.K. Song is hidden in Brawl somewhere. Leave a comment with your thoughts as to what it might mean. 😉