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Online Game Review #1: Slipstream

November 29, 2007

Obviously, there are tons of awesome games for Wii. Ranging from Zelda to Zapper, Mario to Metroid, it seems as if the Wii has it all. Surprisingly, though, not much attention has been given to the games for Wii that are completely free, that can be accessed by anyone who is able to go online with their Wii. A handful of websites have been created in the past year dedicated to hosting Wii-friendly flash games. So, Get N or Get Out will be reviewing some of these free online games for Wii. In our first edition of Online Game Reviews, I’ll be reviewing a game by the name of Slipstream.

Slipstream Wii online game

The concept of the game is to move the little blue circle (or whatever color it may be in multiplayer) around the level’s obstacles to reach the glowing circle, which takes you to the next level. Obstacles include spinning gears (see screenshot above), walls that shoot out, and more. To control the circle, you just use the D-pad on your Wiimote (or arrow keys on the computer).

The game is pretty short – it takes roughly 5 minutes to play through, but it’s fun if you have some downtime. I recommend that you at least give it a shot.

To play Slipstream on your Wii, go to on your Wii internet browser, and search (in the top right corner) for “Slipstream”. If you’d rather play Slipstream on your computer, click here.