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Virtual Console Releases Leaked!

December 2, 2007

Yup, you heard it here first! The three games to be released tomorrow morning are: Zanac (NES), Eternal Champions (Genesis) and The Dynastic Hero (TG-16).

Zanac is a space shooter, that will cost 500 Wii Points.

Eternal Champion is a below-average fighter, with pretty bad graphics, it looks like. It will sell for 800 Wii Points.

The Dynastic Hero is a quirky platformer that will sell for 800 Wii Points as well. See the screenshot of The Dynastic Hero below.

The Dynastic Hero TurboGrafix-16 Hudson Wii Nintendo Virtual Console


Wii Holiday Buyer’s Guide

November 26, 2007

The Bell Tree posted a Wii Holiday Buyer’s Guide recently, and it’s most certainly worth checking out. Yours truly also made some recommendations (which can be found at the bottom of each category’s page). Here’s a list of the recommended games, along with excerpts from the guide.

Mass Appeal
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy Wii
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Mario Strikers Charged

Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros’ Treasure
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Trauma Center: New Blood
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
Batallion Wars II
Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Wii

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends
Wii Play

Wii Play Wii Wiimote

EA Playground
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Virtual Console
Shining Force
Adventures Of Lolo
Super Mario Bros. Series
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Bonk’s Adventure
Sin and Punishment
Ninja Gaiden (II)
Paper Mario

Paper Mario Wii Virtual Console N64

New Classic Controller

November 6, 2007

If you love playing classic games that you’ve downloaded from the Virtual Console, but miss the classic feel of the games, a solution may be arriving for you. Due for release next week, the “Digital Arcade Stick”, Hori’s new replacement for the Classic Controller, will be usable for any games that the Classic Controller can be used with.

Now, the controller certainly looks more vintage than the Classic Controller, although it sports a more modern color scheme… but does it work well? Generally, Hori products work great, and can be trusted. Also, it is Nintendo approved, meaning you won’t be disappointed… or shouldn’t be, at least.

There is a huge downside, though – it costs $50. It costs enough to just buy the $40 Remote and $20 Nunchuk, along with a $20 Classic Controller if you need one, and $50 just for the Hori controller probably won’t fit into a lot of gamers’ budgets.

The controller is expected to be in stores next week (although the only major retailer with it on their site right now is Gamestop, but many other stores have other Hori products in stock). For more info on the controller, check out Hori’s official site.

Virtual Console Download Center

October 30, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple days… it’s not like I haven’t been doing nothing, though. 😉 Get N or Get out will now have a bunch of info on each week’s Virtual Console releases every Monday. Bulerias, who writes his “Virtual Console Download Center” each week, which is basically an overview of the released games, has agreed to have his VCDC’s posted at Get N or Get Out. So, here is this week’s VCDC (a day late, sorry), and each week they will be up on Monday for you. Enjoy.

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
System: NES / Developer: Konami / Points: 500
“If you prefer the original Castlevania and its more orthodox sequels, and wouldn’t want anything changed, then you might as well forget this game exists. However, for those of us that prefer the Metroidvania titles, such as Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.”
-RPG influence adds a lot to the game for some players
-Tedious day / night system

Magician Lord
System: NeoGeo / Developer: Alpha Denshi / Points: 900
-Good soundtrack
-Side-scroller with Ninja Gaiden elements
-Not very unique gameplay

Samurai Ghost
System: TG-16 / Developer: Namco / Points: 600
-Graphics and animation are horrible
-This game is not worth a dime, let alone 600 points
-Soundtrack consists of 4 songs – which repeat over and over as long as you don’t turn the game off (which will probably be about 5 minutes)

 For more VC info, head on over to the Virtual Console Hub.

Welcome to Zebes (One Last Time) [Pt. 1]

August 18, 2007

This is for all of you who have never played Super Metroid, and will be downloading it the second it appears on the Virtual Console on Monday; after all, it is my favorite game ever, and near or at the top of anyone’s list of the best games ever.

So, after you escape from the exploding space colony, you will arrive on Zebes, and all seems quite peaceful. You are in Crateria, the surface of Zebes… and the fun is about to begin.

Before you know it, you’ll be in beautiful Brinstar. You’ll find both the Morph Ball and Bombs here, both necessary countless times throughout your adventure on Zebes. Travel through the jungles of Brinstar, and arrive at the doorstep (OK, there aren’t doorsteps in Super Metroid, but you get what I mean) of Kraid, and take him down (*cough* shoot missiles into his mouth when it opens *cough*).


After you finish off Kraid, you’ll make your way down to the fiery depths of Norfair. What’s the highlight of your time in Norfair? Why, shootin’ down Ridley, of course.


Part 2 coming at you tomorrow…

Proper Promotion… Finally!

August 10, 2007

Up until this week, Nintendo has done very little (if any at all?) promotion using the Wii Shop. But, finally, that has changed.

Earlier this week, the new update changed the interface of the Virtual Console, so there are now 4 recommended games, which will boost the sales of those games. These are sales boosts Nintendo has been missing out on in the past.

Then, this morning, Nintendo made an announcement on the Wii Shop channel that Metroid would be released on the VC next Monday, and Super Metroid the following Monday. It makes no sense why they wouldn’t announce big games ahead of time – all it does is create hype.

I’ve been hoping for games demos for a long time, and with the Prime 3 trailers that were released today on the Wii Shop,my dream seems like it may finally come true. Nintendo is able to advertise Prime 3 for free to the people who will want it (Wii owners) with the trailers, and hopefully they’ll realize demos are even better than trailers… maybe for Galaxy or Brawl.

If you don’t have the Wii Shop, here’s the Prime 3 trailers:

Thanks to Zeldafreak104 for the video.

Wii Update – What’s New?

August 7, 2007

When you wake up this morning (or when you woke up), you hopefully saw the big blue light on your Wii.  If you didn’t, you may want to hook your Wii up to the internet, but anyways…

You’re probably wondering, what exactly is new with this update?  Well, there are a couple changes and additions, the most important changes coming to the Wii Shop.

Nintendo finally got smart and realized they could promote Virtual Console games better than just have them in a list – there is now a list of 4 “recommended” games on the opening page of the Wii Shop, and there’s also a list of the Top 20 selling games.  This makes it easier for you to find top games, and it will certainly increase sales for featured games.  By changing the recommended games every week or so, Nintendo can drive sales for certain games very easily, since there are people who will make impulse buys by having a couple games shoved in front of their face – it’s basic marketing.

Once you download the update, you’ll notice a new digital clock on the bottom of your Wii menu.  It’s useful, but I’m hoping for updates to the clock, to spice it up a bit (like have a character theme).   You’ll notice some other minor updates, too… but nothing big.

Paper Mario Released for VC

July 16, 2007

After much anticipation for months, Paper Mario was finally released onto the Virtual Console earlier today. Others have said it, and I can only agree – Paper Mario is one of the best games to come out on N64. But, more than being an extremely enjoyable game, it opened up doors that had been closed tight for many years.

The release of Paper Mario came nearly half a decade after Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars, and provided a fresh Mario RPG experience. But Paper Mario was not just any old RPG; it was one that was playable by everyone, fan of RPGs or not, similar to the Pokemon games. Although hardcore RPG fans may not have felt there was enough ‘RPG-ness’ to the game, Paper Mario was RPG enough for quite a few of us.

Among other things, one of the most enjoyable aspects of Paper Mario was using all your different partners and their special powers, across the land as well as in battle, to complete tasks and defeat enemies. I can’t recall enjoying using partner creatures and having so much fun unless I go back to the days of Donkey Kong Country, with Rambi the rhino and Squitter the spider. And with the exclusion of partner animals in the newest Paper Mario adventure for the Wii, who knows if we’ll ever be able to enjoy using folks like Parakarry and Sushie ever again.