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Wii Fit…Yay or Nay?

December 9, 2007

You all remember a while ago at the E3 conference, right? We were all worked up about the given release dates for Brawl, and Galaxy…then something arose that popped a big “Huh?” across the faces of many.

 Wii Fit.

 The game that comes with a balance board, and as the title suggests, is a bit of a work-out program, if you will.

It’s out in Japan already, and is coming to America early next year, but the question is, how’s it doing?

According to the people of Japan, it’s doing quite well. Good ratings, reviews, etc. Maybe Wii Fit has a little more to offer than Nintendo let on…?

Either way, this is definately a unique game, and one that I am still wishy-washy on whether or not I’ll be picking it up.


Wii Fit Mini Preview, Trailer, Pics

December 1, 2007

Wii Fit is to be released in North America sometime in 2008 (presumably earlier rather than later, but there’s no way to know). Here’s excerpts from a preview along with an official trailer and screenshots for Wii Fit.

Nintendo’s goal with [the] Wii is to attract [as] wide [of a] range of people to [play] Wii by using the system’s unique features, such as the motion control. Many of Nintendo’s games released for Wii have thus [far] seemed to incorporate motion control, and gamers seem to love it! Rather [than] swinging the Wii Remote to hit a tennis ball or pointing and clicking the Wii Remote to choose a correct answer, [players will use the new Wii Balance Board to play Wii Fit.“-Snoopdogga (full preview)

Nintnedo Wii Fit Balance Board

Playing a push-up game in Wii Fit.


Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board

Trying to balance perfectly in Wii Fit.