Project “Touching Is Good”

“Touching is Good” is the slogan Nintendo uses to promote the DS, but Get N or Get Out is going to interpret it a bit differently; that it actually means to touch others’ lives, to help someone out. So, instead of just writing articles about video game, we’re going to encourage you to participate in some sort of charity to help out someone in need. This is Project “Touching Is Good”.

Our current project will not only feed hungry people across the globe, but also increase your vocabulary. Please head on over to FreeRice, where a word will be given to you and you must choose the correct synonym to it. For each word you get correct, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the United Nation’s World Food Program.

Also, don’t be scared to leave a comment here letting everyone else know how many grains of rice you donated!


5 Responses to “Project “Touching Is Good””

  1. mario64mario Says:

    I’ve donated 120 grains ^.^

  2. DarthGohan1 Says:

    Awesome! Keep it up! 😀

  3. mario64mario Says:

    Okay, I’ve just donated another 270 grains. Excellent!

  4. DarthGohan1 Says:

    Gotta donate as much as possible before Galaxy comes out. 😛

  5. gengar Says:

    I donated 740 grains =D

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